Fishing Charter On The Columbia River and Based In Tri Cities WA

In 2010, Mike Palmus worked as a corporate guide for a local Northwest company extending his previous experience as a professional fisherman of thirty-five years on both open and inland waters.

Down Under Sport Fishing came about in 2014 with international plans to provide an eco tourism business that will include an array of activities. These activities will include tourist attractions while blending in with the locals to say in fewer words. Estuary and Lake activities will target local species of fish to expose fisherman to a new angler experience. Species will include but not limited to, Barramundi, Flat Head, Whiting, Mangrove Jack, Malloway, and Trevally.

Due to client appraisal, this company has expanded by word of mouth since opening in 2014 and are looking forward to the expansion of their already growing business by exposure through social media.

Down Under Sport Fishing follows the latest tackle and equipment on the market as well as operate out of their state of the art twenty-five foot North River Scout that provides a spacious environment for your day on the water. They accommodate up to five clients per trip to ensure comfort. They cover a large variety of  fishing options on the Columbia River. Given the appropriate season clients have the option to book trips for Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye, and Sturgeon. Pursuing each individual species of fish require specialized and evolving techniques that Mike Palmus is experienced in and happily willing to openly discuss, they have a reputation for providing an enjoyable experience, teaching and educating those without previous fishing experience and expanding already established anglers on their knowledge. Their clients have the opportunity to ask questions freely without the fear of judgment and find his responses easy to comprehend. He has no issue with explaining concepts or reasoning and enjoys answering all questions.


 Treat your day on the river like an adventure and make memories that last a lifetime!


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