Who we are

My name is Mike Palmus, I started in the fishing industry back in 1982 working on long range fishing boats. I learned the ropes from some of the best in the business, Dave McIntyre and Tommy Rothery who were at the top of there field and well respected. Recieved my first Coast guard License in 1987 and began running as a 2nd on the Red Rooster out of  H & M Landing San Diego. After a year I moved to running corporate boats as well as private fishing vessels. I fished for tuna, and many other offshore game fish. I have had the opportunity to fish all over the world including The Marshals, Micronesia, Australia, Central America and the Mexican Coast. My Wife Rosemary is Australian has also worked on corporate boats in Australia, California and Mexico.

Rosemary and I have settled in the North West and have had great success fishing on the Columbia River.  Rosemary comes on all our trips to help out and make our trips enjoyable and entertaining. Let us use those years of experience to take care of you and of your clients, to have a great day on the water and a memorable experience. Mike also has trips for sightseeing along the Handford Reach Monument.

DownUnderSportFishing is owned and operated by Mike Palmus who has a Washington and US Coast Guard license and insured. First Aid certified and CPR.